Meriva: Standardized Curcumin Formulation by Idena

Curcumin is one of the most-prevalent bio-active alkaloids found in the roots of the Turmeric plant (Curcuma Longa). It has been used throughout Indian culture to naturally treat many health conditions, and has significant research demonstrating many health benefits of curcumin. Meriva is a patented curcumin extract produced by Idena and has scientific support for its beneficial impact on bone health.

Standardized Curcumin Extract

Curcumin has been shown to offer strong anti-inflammatory action in a number of human trials 1 Current clinical data reflects a wide range of dosages used, ranging from ~1 gram per day to as much as 16 grams. Curcumin on it’s own is poorly absorbed by the human body, and for adequate therapeutic effects pairing with compounds to increase bioavailability is necessary. Research has shown that the coupling with non water-soluble compounds and other plant derivatives can increase the absorbability of curcumin by as much as 4500% 2. Many different varieties of curcumin formulations have been investigated for better effective delivery. The Meriva formulation from Idena relies on their Phytosome technology for combining curcumin molecules with non-GMO derived soy lechithin. This phospholipid complex consists of three distinct phosopholipid compounds; phosphatidylcholine , phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphotidylinositol. The combination with these molecules allow curcumin to be better transported across cellular membrane structures. This enhanced transport ability equates to a more robust efficiency in curcumin absorption rates. Compounds like Meriva are essential to harness the health benefits of curcumin and other curcuminoid compounds found in turmeric.

Benefit of Standardized Compounds

Standardized ingredients such as Meriva offer consumers many advantages over less-controllable whole food compounds. One of the largest issues with whole food ingredients is the unpredictable nature in which they are sourced, processed, and stored. Compounds from different manufacturers may contain different amounts of bio-active compounds like curcumin—which end quality dependent on each manufacturer. Standardized ingredients such as Meriva offer consumers a predictable quality and consistency to better address their unique health concerns. Standardized compounds also help incentive research for the health benefits of these natural compounds. By offering a patented formula, laboratories and manufacturers are able to financially-justify the investment in research related to their product. Consumers buying supplements with standardized ingredients can feel confident they are taking the same compounds that researchers have investigated.

Clinical Support for Meriva Curcumin

Meriva has been investigated in several clinical settings for the treatment of several health related issues. A 2010 study investigated the benefits of Meriva among 50 patients with osteoarthritis. These patients were given 200mg doses Meriva daily for three months, resulting in significant reduction in measured serum C-reactive protein, prolonged ability to exercise, and a reduction in reported symptoms. 3 The costs of prescription anti-inflammatory drugs were also markable reduced during this period for patients receiving the Meriva compound. A second study conducted among 100 similar patients over the course of 8 months demonstrated similar results 4 In more recent rhird study, a 4 month long observational study found a significant increase in recovery from patients with knee-centric osteoarthritis given a Meriva + glucosamine blend 5 Additionally, support for Meriva extends into vascular support, reduced recovery from exercise, treatment of psoriasis, and increased strength and athletic performance 6 This clinical data is significant in it’s survey of the health benefits of curcumin, but also in that study investigated a standardized compound—offering the exact compounds researched to the consumer market.

Important Considerations

Meriva contains soy-lechithin, which is a soy derivative. Idena takes precaution only source the lechthin from Non-GMO sources, though this product should still be considered soy. Many compound which contain soy-derived phospholipids such as Phosphatidylcholine are often found in sunflower-sourced formulations as well. While the soy present in Meriva should be considered toxin and GMO free, many people still choose to avoid soy for many number of reasons. Meriva should be considered similar in bioactivity to that of turmeric, with much more pronounced effect at lower dosages. Common warnings associated with curcumin usage should be adhered to with considering Meriva products as well. This includes increased risk of intestinal bleeding when used in conjunction with NSAIDs and also the increased risk of gallstones.

Most of the research supporting the potential of these risk factors has been gathered through use of non-standardized turmeric compounds—often in the whole-food form. There is newer research investigating the impact on curcumin compounds combined with bio-enhancing compounds like BioPerine that suggest these types of issues can be avoided by using more-bioavailable formulations. 7 Turmeric and curcuminoid compound have shown a remarkable abitlity to help treat many types of health conditions related to inflammation. Meriva offers a potent standardized curcumin formulation that can help offer these benefits at a much lower effective dose. Taking curcumin supplements utilizing the Meriva formulation can help ensure you are taking the same types of compounds that researchers have found to offer the most health benefits.