Write for Us

We are actively seeking writers with experience in the health-related fields to contribute to our website. We have a firm believe that the sharing of personal experiences can benefit all. Our goal is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience between people experiencing the same health issues.

Our Goal

Scientific research is one of the pillars to understanding health, and we are strong advocates of research-first based approaches to understanding health. That said; we appreciate research is sometimes slow to provide answers. There is always the burden of financing, the possibility of conflicting interest, and the push to be as applicable to as many as possible.

Mass-appeal doesn’t help get you out of a rut but some words of encouragement and insight from someone suffering similarly just might. That’s our goal: to help people help each other. That’s where you come in—provided you want to.


To qualify as a writer you must possess the following skills:

Strong grasp of the English language such that native English speaking readers will have no issue comprehending your concepts. We are a US-based company and our audience is primarily Native-English speaking.

Ability to clearly and concisely communicate ideas and concepts through written language.

Passion and interest in health-related topics. We are not seeking writers with expertise and personal passion in the fields of stock-trading, car sales, and personal finance. We are a health-first company and that’s what our readers want to hear.

Ability to structure your content in a logical order such that ideas can be introduced, analyzed, discussed and summarized.

Content Guidelines

For your writing to qualify for our editorial acceptance, the following criteria must be met:

  • 800+ words
  • Clearly organized with use of headings and paragraphs
  • Free of profanity
  • No over-zealous use of the terms treatment, cure, heal, or other regulatory clinical terms
  • Mentions of health claims must cite clinical research
  • All links and anchor texts are subject to editorial change.
  • Any included images must be copyright free and, in the case where free stock images are used, a link must be included beneath each image for our confirmation of royalty free status.
  • Topics must be specific in nature and cannot be too similar to content already existing on the website.
  • Must be unique content that hasn’t been posted anywhere else, online or in print.


The most powerful stories are personal. Write about what you love, write about subjects that are relevant to your life, your business, and your daily experience. Don’t hesitate to use the term “I” and don’t hesitate to speak in the first person throughout your contribution.

We suggest imagining you are writing at request of a dear friend that wants to learn more about healthy lifestyle changes to improve their life. You wouldn’t try to sell them a product; you wouldn’t’ rave about some e-Service; you’d offer them a summary of the advice you’ve heard and describe your personal experience. That’s how you connect with others in similar situations and that’s what we hope to create here: a forum of mutual benefit for our readers and writers.


We understand an incentive for many writers in the earned backlink upon acceptance of their work. To help accommodate this approach we provide all writers with an author box that will be displayed alongside any public display of their content on our website.

Author boxes allow a link to a homepage using branded or raw url anchor text, a brief bio, a headshot, and links to social media sites for your personal accounts or website. These are all dofollow links as we believe the source is extremely relevant to the content.


To have your personal story or article published on our website submit the following details to submissions@isotrope.com

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Website URL (if applicable)
  • Social Media (if applicable)
  • URL to Headshot Image (do not attach images)
  • A plain-text version of your article attached as a .doc or .docx Microsoft Word file OR a link to a Google Docs URL where your article can be accessed.

Submission of content does not guarantee it will be published on our website. We receive many contributions and are unable to respond to everyone. If you feel your submission has been over-looked we encourage you to send it again or use our contact form to make us aware of your intention to submit content.